Complete repair, restoration, diagnostics of cylinder block heads of internal combustion engines - for cars, trucks, antique, motorcycle, industrial (cogeneration), cutter and yacht engines.

We offer a full overhaul of the engine from A-Z, with engine removal and installation, providing a guarantee for our work and using only quality parts.

  • Head check (cooling system tightness check for microcrack);
  • Head grinding (Flat surface restoration and diagnostics) up to 1500mm;
  • Grinding valves using a centerless grinder (any size and configuration);
  • Replacement and calibration of valve controls;
  • Restoring valve seat angles;
  • Replacement and manufacturing of damaged valve seats. Also made of special material intended for LPG;
  • Engine head valve spring disassembly, assembly, replacement of valve seals and polishing of valves with pastes;
  • Valve thermo-gap adjustment;
  • Cleaning parts with a pressure washer;
  • VOLVO D5 repair of broken compensators and straightening of camshafts with warranty;
  • Sale of new engine heads from well-known brands such as AMC, SM Germany, Kolbenshmidt, etc.;
  • Restoration of candle threads M14x1.25 using HELICOIL or TIME SERT technologies;
  • Removing broken studs and screws;
  • Repair of worn nozzles for VW, Skoda and AUDI models (Pumpe-Düse, PDE, Nozzle-pump) 1.9tdi, touareg 2.5tdi R5, T5 2.5tdi R5;
  • Complete overhaul of the cylinder head of the internal combustion engine;
  • Sale of new valves, gaskets, pistons, cylinder shells and other parts;
  • Cylinder honing, springing;
  • Crankshaft grinding, polishing, diagnosis and straightening;
  • Cleaning cylinder head corrosion with a water-glass jet;
  • Replacement of nozzle tube seals for truck and bus engine heads;
  • Complete engine overhaul from A-Z;

      For any kind of work questions, please call: +371 26031614 (Davis)


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